Gridlock in Hong Kong as protesters swarm legislature

Protestors with umbrellas gather near the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. Kin Cheung/APWith thousands of well-organized young people taking to the streets, many with umbrellas and masks, there are echoes of the 2014 mass democracy protests that became known as the Umbrella Movement. For 79 days parts of the city were brought to a standstill as protesters, mainly students, occupied key areas including Harcourt Road — the site of today’s protest. Since it was used to shield protesters from the tear gas and pepper spray deployed by police on the first day of the 2014 protests, the umbrella has became a ubiquitous sight on the frontlines, and gave the movement its name.The protest sites were also known for how organized they were, with volunteers handing out food, water, medical supplies, and translation services for media. Similarities with those protests can be seen in today’s gathering, with the use of umbrellas, a supply camp being set up, and protesters reportedly directing foot traffic to help those trying to get to work. Let’s block ads! (Why?)